The Benefits of Job Hunting with Unira Workforce

January 18, 2023
Written by: Micki Vandeloo

Boy, has job hunting changed! 

Back in the day (as us middle aged and older people like to say), we would scour the Help Wanted ads in the local newspaper to find jobs.  Then came the internet, and manufacturers were able to post jobs on their websites.  Soon, websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter were stepping in to help those manufacturers find candidates.  In the recent past, many chambers of commerce and trade associations have created Job Boards for manufacturers and other businesses to post jobs. 

However, in the manufacturing industry, these services haven’t historically produced needed employees.  Desperate for workers, manufacturers have tried to access temporary workers (with the hopes of hiring them on a full-time basis), but have often been disappointed with the labor force supplied by these companies. 

Despite these efforts, according to a 2021 National Association of Manufacturers survey, 80% of companies say their top challenge is the inability to attract and retain a quality workforce.  When I did a phone survey of almost 100 manufacturing leaders in 2020 and 2021, I found the same thing – manufacturers desperately needed workers, but couldn’t find them. 

Based on my survey and my work with hundreds of manufacturers over my career, I decided that this situation could and had to change.  After all, there are great programs such as community colleges, Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)/Job Centers, high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and wonderful non-profits all preparing students and adults for manufacturing careers. 

So, my partners and I created Unira Workforce to connect manufacturers with workers and revolutionize the job search process. Here are some of the benefits of job hunting using Unira Workforce:

  • The failure of past efforts such as job boards and online job postings is the job seekers’ lack of exposure to these job opportunities.  When a job seeker registers on Unira Workforce, they can see all jobs available and filter them by keyword and location.
  • What if you aren’t looking for a full-time job?  Unira Workforce allows job seekers to search for and manufacturers to state their preference for full time, part time, summer work, internship and temporary work. 
  • It is easy to apply for a job on Unira Workforce. Simply click on the job opportunity and select Apply.  It’s that easy!
  • When manufacturers register for Unira Workforce, they can see all job seeker profiles.  That makes the job search a two-way street – a manufacturer can reach out to a job seeker or a job seeker can apply for a job. 
  • There is the unique ability for job seekers to do a keyword search for job openings.  And, it doesn’t just search the job title.  If, for example, a job seeker wants a job that includes forklift driving, Unira Workforce’s search function will not only find Forklift Driver jobs, but jobs that have “forklift driving” as one of the skills desired or in the job description in the posting.  It is our understanding that sites like Indeed don’t have this functionality.
  • It is absolutely FREE for job seekers to post their profile and resume on Unira Workforce! 
  • Unira Workforce is actively promoting membership to manufacturers at a very reasonable price and offering significant discounts to manufacturers that belong to trade associations with a promo code. 
  • There is and will be content to guide job seekers through setting up their profile, making the most of Unira Workforce and other topics of interest to job seekers, such as resume building. 

Unira Workforce is YOUR solution to easy job hunting. Create your candidate account today to begin connecting to available opportunities!

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