How Is Unira Workforce Different from a Traditional Job Board?

January 12, 2023
Written by: Micki Vandeloo

One of the first reactions I get from prospective Unira Workforce users is, “How is Unira Workforce different than the job board we currently offer our members?”  There are a couple of key differences I can outline in this article, but I think it would be helpful to explain Unira Workforce first. 

We developed Unira Workforce with one goal in mind:  to quickly and inexpensively connect manufacturers to job seekers.  We believe there is a gap between manufacturers posting jobs and job seekers pursuing a manufacturing career – manufacturers don’t know about the workforce that is out there and the workforce doesn’t know where to go to access the job postings.  “Unira” is the Italian word for community, which is what we are aiming to generate with job seekers and manufacturers to help bridge this gap.  It is, at its heart, a matchmaking site allowing job seekers to post resumes and profiles and find jobs; and manufacturers to post jobs and search for candidates. 

Access to the site will be free to job seekers and the organizations connecting job seekers to Unira Workforce.  The monthly cost will be a minimal $59/month for manufacturers which will include unlimited job postings. That monthly fee can be reduced to $39/month with a promo code a manufacturer can access from its trade associations or membership group.

So, how is this different than a job board? 

Unira Workforce engages BOTH job seekers and manufacturers.

Job boards are simply places for manufacturers to post jobs.  They are commonly offered by trade associations or Chambers of Commerce.  The job postings sit on a site that is sporadically promoted by the offering entity to their members (which are typically businesses, not job seekers).  Feedback I have received from manufacturers as well as some of the organizations that offer job boards are that posting a job on the job board often does not result in filling a job.  It is a very one-sided engagement. 

Unira Workforce is different because we promote a two-sided engagement.  We will be engaging both job seekers and manufacturers on the site.  We are working with community colleges, technical colleges, high school CTE programs, pre-apprenticeship programs, Workforce Opportunity Innovation Act (WIOA) and Job Centers, as well as nonprofits with STEM scholarship and/or workforce development programs to help us connect to potential job seekers.  

Job seekers will also have unprecedented visibility to jobs all over the country.  Job seekers will be able to post a resume and a profile and update those at any time for free. They will also be able to view all open manufacturing jobs on the site.  Manufacturers can be confident the jobs they post will be seen by potential workers. 

Unira Workforce will provide content to support the Unira community.

In addition to Unira Workforce’s engagement with organizations that connect job seekers, we will be providing webinars, videos, and written content to support the job seeking community.  We will engage partners such as non-profits offering great, but often unknown, workforce development programs; apprenticeship experts; and trade associations to provide informative content for job seekers, their parents and their school counselors.  This educational component will aim to dispel the myths that keep many students and parents from considering manufacturing careers and show the significant earning potential and upward career mobility the manufacturing industry offers.

We believe Unira Workforce is THE most innovative, inexpensive, and effective way to connect manufacturers with workers, and hope you take a tour of the site and feel the same!  Visit to check it out.  If you want a guided tour of the site and its functionality, contact me, I would be happy to set up a brief video tour! 

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